Made to Order

Made to Order Shoes

At Vincitore we fully understand that you might want to design your own shoes using various silhouettes and colours available either it’s for your special occasion or attending a party or you want to pair a jacket/suit/tuxedo you just bought.

We offer you a service here in Singapore called “Made to order” with a delivery in 10 to 14 working days and on some occasions it can be within week. You choose the leather type or textures or textured colour. It’s an awesome experience to get your handmade shoes as per your choice in just 14 days.

So visit our store in Singapore or email to us so that we can help you do a new pair of shoes for you.

Email us for ordering a Made to order shoe

Choose a silhouette and style your
own shoe
at Vincitore Stores.

If you like Oxford silhouette and you want to have a pair for office or evening cocktail or to pair with your tuxedo. At Vincitore you can get it done in 14 days, entirely handmade in Italy.

Make it in Double Monk to look dashing!
Or simply elegant in your single monks at Vincitore.
Your shoe, your choice.
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