Each Vincitore shoe begins as an inspired idea.  A re-imagined, contemporary iterations of classic men’s shoe designs, conceived right here in Singapore.

The Vincitore Men's Italian Shoe

Vincitore shoes are created by a family of shoemakers in a workshop some 6 hours north of Rome, Italy. For 2 generations, these artisans have been honing their craft. Marrying the meticulous care of traditional shoe-making with contemporary processes. Creating fine Italian men's footwear at wallet-friendly prices. Each piece is borne of the finest leather and transformed into elegant works of art, with designs that range from classical to contemporary.


Vincitore shoes are "for any man. for any occasion." This is reflected in the range of footwear offered. From traditional and conservative, to bolder, more creative designs.

Vincitore shoes are a perfect for the Chairman of the Board, executive and businessmen. Or in the most formal of settings, with patient leather iterations of classic men's shoe designs. And on the feet of the more adventurous- the entrepreneur...the creative professional.....the high-flying, "out-of-the-box" thinker. An eclectic range for every occasion, embodied by Vincitore's "Fine. Formal. Funky" tagline.

Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-50, Singapore 039596