How to Buy the Right Pair of Shoes?

How to Buy the Right Pair of Shoes?

Important from Ms. Nita Chauhan of Vincitore

  • Try on both sides

    Try on both sides because one foot is bigger than the other.

  • Don't forget the socks

    Don’t forget the socks – always try on formal shoes with socks.

  • The right size

    Get the right size because shoes that are too big take too much effort to keep on your feet, thus affecting your lower back in the long run.

  • Price

    Price should not be a consideration. It's the quality, comfort, and workmanship that matter

  • Leather soles

    Leather soles help you walk better and encourages you to keep good posture

  • Know your style

    Know what style suits you because what looks good on the shelf may not look good on your feet

  • Stitched soles

    Opt for stitched soles, which are better in our humid weather in the long run

  • Keep your shoes clean

    Keep your shoes clean so that they last long. Once in two weeks, balm your shoes to give them a new lease on life.